Improved Customer Satisfaction

Understand Your Customers

For utilities, building increased trust with your customers can be a challenge given upward pressure on rates, growing concerns about privacy, and shifting expectations around customer service.

In addition to reliable and fairly-priced energy, customers today want their utility to provide them with choices and to be a helpful, caring service provider.

Pulse Energy provides a customer engagement and energy intelligence platform that distills targeted insight to help each business customer to manage energy more effectively and appreciate the value delivered by their utility.


Customer Engagement 


Give Businesses What They Want

Most utilities know very little about their commercial customers beyond their rate class. The Pulse Platform transforms meter, billing and customer data into insight about your customers, allowing you to build cost-effective personalized communications with them.

Our advanced energy analytics can help you select your audience, provide personalized messaging, and continuously evaluate and improve your program results.

Target Your Communications

Show your customers you understand them by segmenting beyond just a rate class. Our team has identified 100 verticals that are intuitive to small businesses in ways that SIC/NAICS codes fall short. Commercial customers respond to tailored communications relevant to their business type.

Personalize Your Communications

Effective programs use multiple communications channels and attractive design elements that drive behavior change. Empower your customers with credible peer comparisons and personalized recommendations on other service offerings that they would benefit from.

evaluate data

Continuously Evaluate and Improve Your Program

Use what you learn about your customers to better structure your program operations. Insight from the Pulse Platform will help you allocate more resources to channels with higher traffic and to tailor offers and rebates to specific verticals.

With the Pulse Platform, personalized communications channels that build trust are easy to establish. Our flexible approach to each utility engagement makes engaging with your commercial customers more effective than ever before.


Pulse Check-Energy Plan

The Pulse Advantage

As a fully configurable software solution, the Pulse Platform has been built from the ground up to best serve utilities’ commercial customers featuring targeted, actionable insight in clear language across print, email, web and mobile channels. Utilities benefit from increased operational efficiency by targeting the right customer with the right message at the right time.

We take an open and collaborative approach to our utility engagements. Our platform automates and simplifies much of the program delivery, but we believe that the open sharing of our knowledge and experience is what ultimately helps our utility customers become more efficient.


It’s easy to get started.

Utilities around the world love working with us. Our experienced team can help design a program or pilot that will work with the customer data you have available. Here’s all we need to get started:

  • 1 Premise and billing addresses
  • 2 Rate codes
  • 3 Energy interval data and/or monthly energy