Energy Efficiency News – Week of March 5th


In issue 33 we have an award for San Diego Gas & Electric, a new head of ENMAX, positive results from utility energy efficiency programs and a Deutsche Bank report encouraging the retrofit of US buildings to save $1 trillion.


San Diego Gas & Electric has been recognized with the Organizational Leadership Award at the inaugural Climate Leadership Awards in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The presentation recognizes SDG&E’s leading response to climate change through its customers, suppliers and partners.
Source: PRNewswire

Pacific Gas & Electric announced that 19.4% of electricity delivered in 2011 came from renewable sources, up from 15.9% in 2010. When combined with large-scale hydroelectric and nuclear, over half of PG&E’s electricity is carbon-free.
Source: NewNet

San Diego Gas & Electric announced that 20.8% of their delivered electric in 2011 was from renewable sources, 9% more than 2010. SDG&E is on track to meet the Californian mandate that 33% of retail sales be produced from renewable resources.
Source: CleanTechnica

Chelan Country Public Utility District has joined the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA), supporting the organization with funding and collaboration through 2014. NEEA currently works with over 100 Northwest utilities to promote energy efficiency.
Source: Portland Business Journal

Utilities – Energy Efficiency Programs

PECO Energy announced that customers had saved more than $146 million and 1 million megawatt hours since the launch of PECO Smart Ideas in 2009. The program supports the goals of Pennsylvania Act 129, which mandates energy efficiency and demand response in the state.
Source: Sun Herald

DTE Energy announced that customers who participated in its energy efficiency programs saved $50 million in 2011, and should see $700m in lifetime savings from those investments. “Customer response to our energy efficiency programs continues to be overwhelmingly positive,” said Trevor Lauer, DTE Energy vice president, Marketing & Renewables.
Source: Sacramento Bee

Rochester Gas and Electric provided $4.7 million in energy incentives for economic development in 2011, including auto parts makers, chemical research and Internet technology companies. The grant recipients account for $141 million in capital investments that will retain or add 2,900 jobs.
Source: Rochester Business Journal

Duke Energy Carolinas has proposed the expansion of its Save-A-Watt energy efficiency program, particularly for low-income home owners and expanded appliance rebates.
Source: Charlotte Business Journal

Utilities – Appointments

PPL Corporation has named Gregory N. Dudkin as President of PPL Electric Utilities, the Pennsylvanian regulated utility. He will replace David DeCampli, who has been promoted to lead PPL’s competitive-market Supply segment.
Source: PRNewswire

Enbridge CEO Pat Daniel has announced that he will retire this year, after 11 years leading the company. Al Monaco, currently President of Gas Pipelines, Green Energy & International, has been named his successor.
Source: The Globe And Mail

Duke Energy’s Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer, Gianna Manes, will join ENMAX Corporation as its new President & CEO. Manes will switch in April 2012, having been with Duke for 25 years.
Source: Tech Finance

Utilities – Regulatory

Pacific Gas & Electric asked regulators to allow it to offer a lower rate to businesses who relocate to California, or decide not to leave. The proposals would cut rates by up to 35% for five years, in the hope of promoting economic development.
Source: Fresno Bee

Long Island Power Authority is planning a rate cut in April, following falling natural gas prices. The utility had a 1.5% rate increase approved in February, but expects that to be negated by the summer.
Source: Long Island Business News

Institutions, Cities & States

Concordia College of Bronxville will save nearly $100,000 annually in energy costs, through Con Edison’s C&I Energy Efficiency Program. The university benefited from $213,000 in Con Edison incentives.
Source: Yahoo Finance

North America

A report by Deutsche Bank and The Rockefeller Foundation has argued that retrofitting US building stock could yield $1 trillion in energy savings, from an investment of $279 billion. This would reduce the country’s emissions by 10% and energy spend by 30%, while creating 3.3 million years of employment.
Source: Energy Efficiency News


China’s Electricity Council is forecasting that the country may face a shortfall of 30-40 million kilowatts this year, due to increasing demand and stagnant supply growth. Consumption growth is expected to be 9.5%, from 11.5% in 2011.
Source: China Daily

TEPCO has announced plans for a smart meter rollout, starting with a tranche of three million deploying in late 2013. Japan showed limited interest in smart grid technology until the Fukushima disaster, which has greatly increased the need for energy efficiency and peak reduction.
Source: SmartGridNews

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