Pulse Check

Pulse Check

Small Business Engagement

Pulse Check gives small and medium enterprise customers a clear, personalized view into their energy consumption.

Reaching people through physical and digital channels, Pulse Check educates and engages users with quick and actionable insight.

An intuitive user experience guides customers through their consumption history while providing tailored recommendations and forecasts for future usage.

Multi-Channel Communications

Small and medium business owners have limited time to engage with their energy use.

Pulse Check provides the targeted information they need in the manner best suited to them – from interactive online portals to email, SMS or paper mailers as desired.

Every message is unique to the specific organization’s energy profile, and securely shared with them.


Behavioral Science

Pulse Check is grounded in industry-leading behavioral research into how small and medium organizations interact with their energy information. We use specific approaches targeted for different regions and verticals, to maximize program efficiency and customer engagement.

PC4-C Energy Report Sample

Energy Intelligence

Pulse Check analyzes a building based on its load profile and business activity to suggest contextually relevant actions that save customers money. These recommendations link users to other utility programs and drive participation.

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Powered by the Pulse Platform

All members of the Pulse Product Family, including Pulse Check, are based on the Pulse Platform – a unified energy intelligence platform which analyzes a building’s energy performance and productivity continuously in real time. The Platform was developed in partnership with a number of leading organizations that were looking to distill value from the unrefined energy data being captured in advanced building automation and metering systems.

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