Pulse Energy runs frequent webinars to share insight we've gained, customer best practices, and perspectives from industry experts. We invite you to view some of our archived webinars below.  

Insights From Surveying Utility Commercial Customers

Feedback from the field on what small and medium enterprise customers want and feel is invaluable to your planning process.

Personalized Messaging for Small Commercial Customers

Tyler Fawcett, Lead UX Designer and Bruce Herzer, Director of Marketing explore how to cut through the noise to motivate small business owners.

Segmenting For Success

Join Owen Rogers, Project Lead at Pulse Energy for a free webinar, “Segmenting for success: Keys to engaging small commercial customers.”  

Using Pulse Energy Manager in Health Care Organizations: Insight from an Expert User

Robert Bradley, an expert user from the Fraser Health Authority in British Columbia, describes how staff from all levels of your organization can leverage Pulse Energy Manager to achieve energy performance goals.

The Science of Engaging Small Commercial Customers

Join top experts Susan Mazur-Stommen, David Helliwell, Michael Seelig, and Jesse Berst as we learn what works (and what doesn’t) to fully engage a utility’s small commercial customers.

Motivators and barriers for energy reduction in small businesses

Dr. Manuel Riemer and PhD candidate Ms. Cindy Ward of Wilfrid Laurier University share the results of recent research that examined the principal motivators for small businesses to engage in energy reduction strategies.

Two Exceptional Programs For Energy Efficiency In Schools

Join Alasdair MacKinnon, Director of Energy Management and Sustainability at Surrey School District, and Laura Cornish, Product Manager at Pulse Energy for a free webinar.

Six Tips For Outstanding Small Commercial Behavioral Programs

Small commercial customers rarely think about energy. Getting them engaged in your utility programs is a tough task. Join Owen Rogers, Project Lead at Pulse Energy for this free webinar.

Whole Building M&V - Results From LBNL Research on Baseline Models

Pulse Energy hosted an informational webinar to coincide with the release of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) report, “Evaluation of the Predictive Accuracy of Five Whole-Building Baseline Models.”

The Changing Role of Energy Information Software in Commercial Utility Programs

Hannah Friedman Kramer, Director of PECI’s Technical Research Group, presents an outlook on the future of energy information software.

High Building Energy Efficiency at a Low Price Tag

Halsall Associates’ Aislinn McCarry, presents ways to reduce energy consumption in large commercial buildings.

Community Wide Energy Efficiency: From Envision Charlotte to Hartley Bay

Reducing energy consumption depends on the engagement of the entire energy-using population.

The Role of EMIS in BC Hydro’s Continuous Optimization Program and Beyond

Join Pulse Energy’s Bruce Herzer and Capilano University’s Susan Doig to learn about BC Hydro’s Continuous Optimization program and the role EMIS plays in contributing to its success.

Using Energy Contests to Reduce Building Energy Use

Pulse Energy’s Owen Rogers talks about energy reduction contests are a reliable way of engaging building occupant and generating energy efficiency.

Energy & Sustainability in Office Buildings

Toli Sidiropoulos, Energy and Sustainability Manager for Polaris Realty, shares how AXA Place, a 19 story office building, reduced its energy consumption by 20% in one year …

Improve Power Factor to Reduce Utility Fees

Mike Wrinch, P.Eng., explains what power factor is, why a low power factor is bad for your building and bottom line, and how it can be measured and improved to avoid utility surcharges

Reduce Energy Consumption in Schools

Brian Branting, Energy Manager for a school district with 30 facilities, shares how his district reduced its energy consumption by 20% in one year through efficient scheduling

Saving Energy in Hospitals

Nancy Myers, Energy Manager for a 34 facility health district, explained how her team generates energy savings by checking, and optimizing their facilities’ DDC systems.

Energy saving tips for HVAC controls

How to save energy and increase the life of system components with five simple HVAC control maintenance and optimization procedures.

Occupant Engagement

Andrew Pape-Salmon, Director, Energy Efficiency Branch, BC Ministry of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources outlines how to engage building occupants to reduce energy use.